“It’ll be fun, it’ll help me improve and I’m determined to complete it…”

These are some of the thoughts that ran through my head as I set myself a little challenge as 2015 turned to 2016. I had become the proud owner a DLSR and my challenge to myself was to take a picture a day, every day, for a year, only using manual settings. How hard could it be?….

To say it became an obsession would be a complete understatement. But, with the support of my family, a glorious countryside offering so many opportunities and massive amounts of (mainly free) advice from those who know in the form of podcasts, videos and emails I did it.

It was hard but I was right. It was fun, I did improve and I did complete it.


I’m now so confident in myself that I now only shoot in manual mode and while I’ll admit, that Landscape is my first love, I still enjoy the challenge of working with people and getting into different situations and trying to take an unexpected view and make it something.

That’s where I find joy in photography, you are always learning and no moment is ever the same as the last and it makes you see, really see, the world around you.

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